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The following information is being offered to clarify the Guest Hooding policy and process for the Touro University California College of Education and Health Sciences commencement. If you have a question that is not addressed in this document, please contact the Guest Hooder coordinator for your program listed below or contact the CEHS Commencement Committee Co-Chair Sharon Chesney at Sharon.chesney@tu.edu:

Graduates: It is your responsibility to convey this information to your Guest Hooder.

What is a Guest Hooder?

As you enter the stage and prior to receiving your diploma, an individual "hooder" will "hood" you with your Doctoral colors (actually place them on your shoulders). Absent a specific request, that individual hooder will be a TUC faculty member chosen by your program.

Does my program permit me to invite a Guest Hooder?

All Master’s and Doctoral candidates within the CEHS are able to invite a Guest Hooder.

What if I do not want to use a Guest Hooder?

If you do not want to use a Guest Hooder, you don't need to do anything. The TUC faculty member chosen by your program will hood you.

Whom may I invite to be my Guest Hooder?

Graduating students may invite one family member, friend, mentor, faculty member, or any other desired person to act as a Guest Hooder, provided that person holds an appropriate degree.

For graduates earning a Master’s degree, the Guest Hooder must hold a Master’s degree.  For graduates earning a Doctoral degree the Guest Hooder must hold a Doctoral degree.

Due to the number of Guest Hooders expected, only one Guest Hooder will be permitted for each graduate.

I am a dual degree student.  Can I use two Guest Hooders?

No. Each graduate may use only one Guest Hooder per ceremony.

I want to use a Guest Hooder and I have verified that my desired Guest Hooder’s degree qualifies. What do I do now?

The very first thing you should do is contact your chosen person and confirm he or she is willing to act as your Guest Hooder and that he or she is available to attend the ceremony.

You must then submit a Guest Hooder Information Form, which will provide us with the following information: Your name and TUC email address, full name of your Guest Hooder, relationship to you (father, mother, friend, mentor, faculty member, etc.), type of degree (be as specific as possible), and any special accommodations required for your Guest Hooder.

What is the deadline for submission of this information?

Guest Hooder Information Forms must be submitted by no later than the end of the day on March 1, 2019. Due to the nature of commencement, information must be finalized several weeks prior to the date of the ceremony. For this reason, no extensions to this deadline will be provided and no exceptions will be made. If you desire to use a Guest Hooder, please arrange to submit your information prior to the deadline.

What if my Guest Hooder Information Form does not get to your office by the deadline (March 1, 2019)?

If your information is not in our office by the end of the day on March 1, 2019, you will be hooded by the TUC faculty member chosen by students in your college/program. 

Is my Guest Hooder required to rent/purchase regalia for the commencement ceremony?

Guest Hooders are expected to attend the commencement ceremony in appropriate business attire (no t-shirts or jeans) befitting a professional ceremony. No special clothing is required though your Guest Hooder may wear his or her own personal regalia if they choose to do so. The University does not provide regalia for Guest Hooders.

Where or to whom should my Guest Hooder report on the morning of commencement?

Guest Hooders should be directed to enter the Grove amphitheater and follow the signs to the Guest Hooder seating area, located to the right of the stage, under the tented area.  A TUC staff member will assist your Guest Hooder in locating his or her seat.

Please note: Unless your Guest Hooder requires assistance from a family member (which should be noted on the Guest Hooder information form), only Guest Hooders will be permitted to sit in the Guest Hooder section.

By what time will my Guest Hooder be required to be present?

Guest Hooders are expected to be present by 4:00 pm, which is one hour prior to the ceremony start time. Please note: The 4:00 pm arrival time will permit us to issue instructions, answer questions, and ensure all Guest Hooders are appropriately seated. Late arrivals may not be permitted to participate.

Can you provide a general overview of the Guest Hooding process?

Facing the stage, all Guest Hooders will be seated in the front, far right section under the tented area.  When directed, Guest Hooders will rise, be matched with their graduate, and approach the state.  Graduates and Guest Hooders will walk onto and along the front of the stage, through the hooding/diploma/hand-shaking stations, and will pause as directed for photos.  Both will then return to their respective seats as directed.

What is the expected duration of the commencement ceremony?

It is expected that the ceremony will last approximately 1.5 hours. Please note, however, that despite our best efforts, the ceremony may run long.

What if my Guest Hooder has mobility needs?

If your Guest Hooder has mobility issues please indicate such on the Gust Hooder Information form AND contact Sharon Chesney (Sharon.chesney@tu.edu) so that we can work with your Guest Hooder to arrange stage access.

Where may I obtain additional information regarding the commencement ceremony?

Additional information, including links to all required forms, may be found by visiting the Commencement Website.