The Office of Admissions sends an email update whenever documents are added to an applicants file.  Applicants may, however, email the Admissions Designate for the program to which they've applied to check their status at any time.  To check the status of your application (e.g., confirm receipt of letters/documents, check on interview eligibility, etc.), please email the appropriate designate listed below.  We are sorry, but due to the volume of applications processed, application status checks are done by email only.


Ms. Lynn Huckle (lynn.huckle@tu.edu) - College of Osteopathic Medicine

Ms. Naisha Bible (naisha.bible@tu.edu) - Joint MSPAS/MPH Program, Independent MPH Program, Master of Science in Medical Health Sciences (COM)

Ms. Jacqueline Harte (jacqueline.harte@tu.edu) - College of Pharmacy

Ms. Natalie Cvetic-Jones (ncvetic@touro.edu) - Master of Science in Nursing (ADN to MSN, BSN to MSN), Family Nurse Practitioner Certification (FNPGC)

Inquiries regarding the Graduate School of Education should be directed to the following GSOE staff member:

Ms. Doritina Phenix (doritina.phenix@tu.edu)