ShaDO at TUCOM California

The College of Osteopathic Medicine at Touro University California offers the ShaDO program to any prospective students who are interested in learning about Osteopathic Medicine and the day in a life of a Osteopathic Medical Student. Prospective students will be assigned to a current Osteopathic Medical Student and be taken in on a half day experience. During this experience, prospective students may:

  • Observe an Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) laboratory experience where faculty will be instructing the class on techniques currently being taught.  This will include observing Osteopathic Medical Students practicing on each other.
  • Observe a medical school lecture.
  • Receive a campus tour.
  • Have plenty of one-on-one time with a current student to ask questions and gain insight regarding their experiences.  

If you are interested in shadowing a student during an OMM lab, click on the OMM link below which will direct you to a form asking for basic contact information.  After you submit the form, our ShaDO coordinator will contact you and arrange your visit.  

**Please note that visit days are limited.  If all slots are currently full please check back at the beginning of the next semester.  All visits are subject to faculty approval.  Shadowing experiences are only provided during the school year when classes are in session; this is typically August through May of each year, excluding holidays.** 

I want to schedule a shadow day with a 1st year medical student during one of their OMM labs.

I want to schedule a shadow day with a 2nd year medical student during one of their OMM labs.