General Information

Ask the Director

Steven Davis, Director of Admissions, answers all of his e-mail personally. While often difficult to reach by phone because of his schedule, candidates are encouraged to e-mail him with questions, comments or concerns. 

Except for those occasions when he may be out of town, one would expect a reply within one to two days.  Mr. Davis may be reached via email at  

Questions that do not require the Director's specific attention (e.g. application status checks) should be directed to

Suggested Application Timeline

Many questions arise regarding when an applicant should actually begin the process of applying to medical school and what steps need to be taken and when. The following timeline assumes an applicant wishes to enter medical school immediately following graduation from the undergraduate institution. As it is impossible to take into account all possibilities, however, the following timeline may need to be adjusted.

TUCOM Admission Tips

Last Updated: 6/17/15