Admissions Process

PharmCAS Primary Application

The Touro University California College of Pharmacy does not accept direct applications. All applicants are required to submit a primary application through the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS).  Typically, PharmCAS will take between three and six weeks to process your application materials, then make them available to us. 

Letters of Recommendation

The College of Pharmacy requires three letters of recommendation, which should be submitted with the PharmCAS application. One letter must be from a biological/physical sciences faculty member from whom you have received a grade in their class.  The source of the remaining two letters is up to the applicant, though at least one letter relating to pharmacy work (e.g. pharmacist, pharmacy supervisor, etc.) is preferred. Letters from family members will not be accepted.

If you do not submit all required letters of recommendation with your PharmCAS application or you wish to submit additional letters of recommendation, letters may be submitted via one of the methods provided below. Please note, however, that submitting letters outside of the PharmCAS application will delay your ability to interview for our program.  Please make certain that your letter writer includes your full name and your PharmCAS ID. 

  • Letters may be submitted using the ApplyYourself system.
  • Letters may be emailed directly from the letter writer to Ms. Jacqueline Harte at This is the preferred method of submitting letters of recommendation after initial submission of your PharmCAS application.
  • Letters may be mailed, via US Mail, to Touro University California, Attn: Pharmacy Admissions, 1310 Club Drive, Vallejo, CA 94592. Letters must be mailed directly from the letter writer.
  • Letters may be submitted via PharmCAS after your application has been verified, but you must provide us with the name of your letter writer and the date when the letter was submitted. If you do not provide this information, we will not be able to download your letter.  

Be sure to submit all application materials prior to their respective deadlines!  Letters of recommendation are used for admissions purposes only and do not become part of the official academic record.

Application Review

The Admissions and Standards Committee reviews the primary (PharmCAS) application and letters of recommendation to determine interview eligibility.  As a function of this review, candidates may be invited to attend an interview, placed on our Interview Hold list, or they may be denied.  Please note that submission of application materials does not guarantee any specific result in the process.  

The Interview

The Admissions and Standards Committee reviews files and extends invitations to interview on a rolling basis. Invitations to interview are sent to those candidates showing the highest potential to perform well at Touro University as students, and finally as successful pharmacists.  Among other items, interviewers assess each candidates verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills. Candidates with difficulties in any of these areas are encouraged to work with a tutor or other specialist prior to their interview. Interviews are conducted in panel format and are typically held from late September through April.

Touro University California complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act by providing reasonable accommodations to candidates for admission with known disabilities. To ensure that disabled candidates timely receive all reasonable accommodations necessary for them to participate in the on-campus admissions interview process, Touro University strongly encourages such candidates to contact the Office of Admissions ( at least three (3) days before their scheduled interview. 

Due to the nature of the admissions process, all interviews are conducted in-person on the Touro University California campus. Phone or Skype interviews are not provided.

Secondary Application  

Candidates invited to attend an interview are required to submit a secondary application no later than five business days prior to their scheduled interview.  A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 is also required.  Directions for completing the secondary application are available through the through the ApplyYourself system.  Additional letters of recommendation may also be submitted through this system.  


PharmCAS Fee Waiver

If you were granted an PharmCAS fee waiver, you are not required to pay the secondary application fee.  When you are ready to submit your secondary application, please email a copy of your fee waiver to Ms. Jacqueline Harte (  You will then be provided with a fee waiver code to be used to submit your secondary application.  


The Admissions and Standards Committee typically meets every other week to discuss each candidate and make recommendations to the Dean.  Following the Dean's review, decisions are mailed via U.S. Mail shortly thereafter. 

Accepted candidates are required to submit a non-refundable acceptance deposit which is typically due within two weeks of the date of acceptance. A refundable tuition deposit is required later in the process. Upon matriculation, both deposits are credited toward tuition.

Multiple Deposit Policy 

Applicants to Touro University California (TUC) may also choose to apply to and submit seat deposits for other programs located within TUC or the greater Touro College and University System (TCUS).  TUC applicants who have deposits at one or more TUC or other TCUS programs will be given until April 15th (for Summer starts) or June 1st (for Fall starts) to decide which program they wish to attend and will be required to withdraw from all other TUC/TCUS program to which they have deposited.  TUC applicants who are accepted and who submit seat deposits after April 15th (for Summer starts) or June 1st (for Fall starts) will be required to immediately withdraw from any other TUC/TCUS program to which they have deposited. 

Admissions Office Correspondence with Candidates

Unless otherwise stated, virtually all correspondence is conducted via email.  Please be certain that you are able to receive emails from "" addresses and be sure to monitor your junk mail folder. 

Background Checks

Incoming and current students may be required to submit to a background check either prior to or during their enrollment at Touro University California. Facts uncovered as a result of a background check which could preclude licensure and/or practice in the profession may impact their ability to begin or continue their education at the University. Details are provided with the letter of acceptance.