Application for Re-Admission

Students may choose to withdraw for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, temporary re-location for work/family purposes, continuance of another degree program, or life events which require more dedicated time than that which is possible while enrolled in a graduate program.  Whatever reason, the TUC Public Health program strives to make it easier for formerly enrolled students to gain re-admission when they are ready to return!

Before accessing the application, please contact Ms. Naisha Bible (  Ms. Bible will review the sections which need to be completed and which sections may be skipped.

Eligibility for Re-Admission

Any student who has withdrawn in good academic standing may apply for re-admission.  Students who were previously dismissed from the Public Health program for any reason are not eligible for re-admission.

Application Submission/Streamlined Application

Candidates for re-admission are required to submit an application through the ApplyYourself system.  Official transcripts, letters of recommendation, and essay questions are typically not required provided they are present in the original application file. 

Please Note:  The Public Health program, on a case by case basis, reserves the right to require additional information/documents from candidates for re-admission who have been out of the program for more than two years.  Such requirements will be communicated to the applicant directly. 

Application Review

Applications will be considered complete once all required materials have been received.  Complete applications will be reviewed by the Admissions and Standards Committee to determine whether or not re-admission is appropriate based on current curricular offerings and program expectations.  A formal interview is not required.   

Notification of Decision                

Decisions are typically rendered within two to three weeks of the receipt of all application             materials. Notifications are then sent via U.S. Mail and/or email shortly thereafter.  Candidates accepted for re-admission are not required to pay a deposit but a formal response form will be required.                

Background Checks                

Incoming and current students may be required to submit to a background check either prior to or during their enrollment at Touro University California. Facts uncovered as a result of a background check which could preclude licensure and/or practice in the profession may impact the students ability to begin or continue their education and the University. Details are provided with the letter of acceptance.                

Admissions Office Correspondence with Candidates                

Unless otherwise noted, all correspondence is conducted via email. Please be certain that you are able to receive emails from addresses and be sure to monitor your junk mail folder.