Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

General Program Information

My ultimate goal is to gain admission to medical school. How does this program help me with that goal? 

The MSMHS program can assist you with gaining admission to medical school in two ways. First, the rigorous didactic curriculum will help to improve both your cumulative and science GPA’s which, together with a competitive MCAT score, are some key factors considered during the initial screening process for many medical schools, including our own. 

Second, medical schools are focusing more and more on research and the MSMHS program’s research component is designed to provide you with invaluable experience while you research a subject of your choice with any one of several principal investigators at Touro University California. For those students who do not participate in the research component, a second education track will be offered.

I’ve read that participation in the MSMHS program, with a 3.25 or better GPA and a MCAT score of 490 or better, will guarantee me an interview for the Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM). How does that work? 

MSMHS students who earn and maintain a GPA of 3.25 or better and a MCAT score of 490 or better are guaranteed an interview for the COM. Some students will be encouraged to interview at the start of the Spring Semester (between January and the end of March). For some, the interview needs to wait until the end of the Spring Semester in order to accumulate a more comprehensive track record. Seats will be held open for these candidates. Full details are on the Admissions Process page. 

As a student in the MSMHS program, when I interview for the COM, am I guaranteed an acceptance? 

No. While it has been our history that a significant number of MSMHS students have been accepted into the COM, acceptance is not guaranteed.  MSMHS students are encouraged to apply to a wide variety of medical schools (including TUCOM CA) to improve their chances of acceptance.  

If I am accepted and I choose to enroll in the MSMHS program, what can I do to improve my chances of acceptance into the COM?

When considering MSMHS students, the COM Admissions Committee will, among other items, closely examine the following:

  • Academic performance.  The MSMHS curriculum closely resembles the COM curriculum.  If you do well in the MSMHS program the COM Admissions Committee can be reasonably certain you will do well in the COM curriculum.
  • MCAT performance.  Currently, the medical school requires a minimum MCAT score of 502 or better.  According to the demographics for the most recent entering class, the average MCAT score is much higher.  For the best possible chances for acceptance into the medical school, MSMHS students should aim for a MCAT score of 506 or better.  
  • Knowledge of Osteopathic Medicine.  Take advantage of opportunities on campus to learn more about osteopathic medicine.  Be involved with student clinics, OMM demonstrations, and any other events that may be open to you throughout the academic year.

Are MSMHS students able to study for and take the MCAT while enrolled in the MSMHS program?

While not as rigorous as medical school, the MSMHS program curriculum is still difficult.  For this reason, we recommend that MCAT preparations be postponed until the program has been completed.  Students who choose to prepare for and take the MCAT while enrolled in the MSMHS program run the risk of performing poorly for both. 

If I am accepted into the COM but I do not complete the MSMHS program prior to the point at which I begin classes for the COM, is it possible to complete the MSMHS program while taking COM classes?

Medical school curriculum is very rigorous and will require all (or most) of your time.  For this reason, the MSMHS program must be completed prior to beginning medical school. 

I noticed that the MSMHS program includes a research component. If I am accepted into the COM, will I be permitted to continue my research? 

Yes. Your initial research project will be completed as part of the program, but it is hoped that you will continue your research as a medical student and, ultimately, as a physician. 

What areas of interest are available for research as a MSMHS student? 

Touro University California researchers are currently exploring several areas of interest, including Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and HIV. For full information on these and other areas of interest, please visit the Research Department's Website for research information. 

What is the length of the program? Are evening classes available? 

The MSMHS program is a full-time, 30 unit Masters level program designed to be completed in one year. Most coursework is offered during the day some evening courses may be required. 

When is mandatory orientation? When do classes begin? 

MSMHS students will participate in many of the same orientation programs as medical students. While the dates are tentative at this time, it is expected that mandatory orientation will take place during the last week of July or the first week of August with classes beginning shortly thereafter.

Admissions Requirements and Procedures

What are the academic prerequisites for this program? 

Applicants to the MSMHS program must obtain a Bachelors Degree (or, for foreign educated applicants, the equivalent of a U.S. Bachelors Degree) from a regionally accredited U.S. institution, with science and cumulative GPA’s of 2.75 or better. Specific prerequisite coursework is also required. 

Does the MSMHS program require the MCAT?

No.  The MSMHS program does not require the MCAT.  Please note, however, the MCAT will be required should you ultimately choose to apply to medical school.

Is there an application deadline? 

Yes. All application materials must be received by close of business on June 1st, 2019. 

What is the application process? 

This program operates on a rolling admissions cycle.  Complete application files are reviewed by the Admissions and Standards Committee and decisions are rendered within approximately three weeks of the date of submission of all required materials.  Notifications will be sent via email and/or US mail.  

Am I required to apply through AACOMAS before I can be considered for this program?

No. While it is expected that the bulk of applications for the MSMHS program will be received from those who have previously applied to the COM, the program does accept direct applications. To be eligible for the guaranteed interview for the COM, however, MSMHS students must satisfy all COM application requirements, including submission of an AACOMAS primary application for the current COM application year.

If I am accepted, am I required to submit a deposit to reserve my seat in the program? 

Yes. A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $500.00 is required to hold your seat in the class.  Upon matriculation into the MSMHS program, the full deposit amount is credited toward the first semester's tuition. 


What is the accreditation status of the MSMHS program? 

Touro University California is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the MSMHS program is encompassed by the University accreditation.

Financial Assistance

Is financial assistance available for this program? 

Yes. Financial assistance for accepted students is available up to the budgeted allowance. The actual amount of aid available will vary dependent upon individual need. Students who are applying for financial aid will have their tuition deferred until that aid arrives. In order to finalize registration, these students will be required by the Bursar to obtain documentation from the Financial Aid Office that the application for aid is in process. Please visit the Office of Financial Aid for more information. 

How much is tuition? 

Tuition for the Class of 2018 is currently set at $24,000 for the year.  Tuition may change for the Class of 2019, with or without notice, at sole discretion of the University. 

Who should I contact if I have specific questions regarding financial assistance? 

Specific questions regarding financial assistance should be directed to the Financial Aid Office via email ( or via phone (707 638-5280).