Housing For TUC Students, Faculty and Staff

To access the housing page, log onto TUConnect/CampusGroups and click the “Off-Campus Rentals” banner on the main page or click the “Marketplace” tab to the left of the screen. For important information about what to know before you sign a lease, while you rent, and when you move out, go to: or to:

On the page, you can search for housing or create your own listing post by clicking on the “Create Listing” button at the right side of your screen.

 For Guests that are Not TUC Students, Faculty and Staff:

We have transitioned to a new housing platform page on TUConnect/CampusGroups. TUConnect is an online platform that all TUC students have access to. Please contact Director of Student Activities, Winnie Bush, at, with your full name and email address in order to have a guest profile created. Once a guest profile is created, you can access TUConnect/CampusGroups to post your rental listing along with your contact information for TUC students to view. 


Non-TUC students, faculty and staff are required to pay a listing fee. The fees are as follows:

$25: Your listing will be published for 30 days

$30: Your listing will be published for 60 days

$35: Your listing will be published for 90 days


Please contact Winnie Bush at, for any questions.  

Disclaimer: Your access to, use of, and reliance on the Office of Student Activities Off Campus Housing Listing Webpage and its contents accessed through TUC’s TUConnect are entirely at your own risk. TUC does not investigate, endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of the information provided in the listing, the condition of the accommodation, or the suitability or performance of any lister, landlord, sublessor, roommate(s) , and/or co-tenants(s). TUC shall not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by any individual or entity arising out of or relating to the listings. TUC shall not be deemed to be a party and shall have no responsibility or obligations to enforce any agreement that you enter into in connection with the listing.