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Adjustments to Admissions Process Due to COVID-19 (updated 9.14.20)

Admissions staff continue to work remotely from home, answering emails, processing applications, and conducting interviews.  

The information below is general information.  For program-specific COVID-19 adjustments for the 2020-21 application cycle, please visit click on the specific program pages below.

My school has moved all courses to online presentation and has given me the option (or is requiring me) to change my Spring or Summer grades from letter grades to Pass/Fail.  How will this affect my application?

All Touro University California degree programs already accept online coursework, provided such coursework is completed at a regionally accredited institution, and we already accept Pass/Fail grading.  As such, the change to online presentation and Pass/Fail grading will not impact your application. 

How do I make an appointment with an admissions staff member?

Using the information on our Contact Us page, you may email the person with which you wish to schedule an appointment.  Phone appointments will be provided for any applicant who makes a request.  You may also take advantage of our Touro Talks zoom sessions!

How does this change impact admissions interviews?

All interviews for the 2020-21 admissions cycle will be virtual interviews using Zoom; applicants will not visit the physical TUC campus for their interviews.  Applicants scheduled to attend an interview will be provided with Zoom login information for their session two business days prior to their scheduled interview.  With the exception of campus tours, which have been cancelled, all other interview day presentations and experiences have been transitioned to our online, virtual format.  Applicants attending a virtual interview will receive the same information as candidates who would have attended an in-person interview.

What will be required for me to attend the virtual interview?

Applicants invited to attend an interview will receive more detailed information at that time.  For general informational purposes, however, please consider the following: 

  1. Internet connection.  A wired connection would be best but wireless will work provided you have a strong signal. 
  2. Private or quiet location.  You will be interviewing with several other candidates at the same time so you will need to log into the system from a location where background noise and distractions may be kept to a minimum; this would include a bedroom, dorm room, or other similar location.  Internet café’s or other public spaces would not be appropriate.
  3. Desktop, laptop, or tablet computer with a detachable keyboard.  Some of our programs require various assessments as part of the interview day process, thus, connecting with a smart phone or a tablet without a detachable keyboard will not be acceptable.
  4. Microphone and Web Camera.  We’ll need to be able to see and hear you during the interview day program.  If your chosen device does not have a built in microphone, speakers, and webcam, you’ll need to make arrangements to obtain those items prior to your interview day. 

Clearly this is a unique and challenging time for each of us.  We want to reassure you, however, that TUC remains committed to continuing to review, interview, and accept qualified applicants into our various academic programs.  We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.